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Decking Expert in Castle Hills

Upgrade Your Deck With A Beautiful Looking Deck From DCR Carpentry & Construction

Decks look beautiful as they use the natural look and feel of wood or other composite materials. These can convert even a small outdoor area into a functional space while offering additional space for relaxation and entertainment. Some reasons people prefer decking in the outdoor areas of their properties are:

  1. Decks look stunning

  2. They are easy to maintain and easy to keep clean

  3. They blend perfectly with the natural environment

  4. Decks are often custom-designed. Therefore, they can easily fit and compliment any areas of the properties.

  5. Decks can easily be built to offer interesting height differences.

  6. Decks are softer underfoot and therefore these are safer for kids

  7. Decks remain warm in the winter

  8. Decks add great value to the homes as external entertaining areas


Nothing can beat the look and feel of beautiful looking decks. When you are planning to construct a deck in your outdoor areas of your Castle Hill property, DCR Carpentry & Construction will help you.

Decking That Looks Functional, Practical, And Aesthetically Pleasing:

DCR Carpentry & Construction offers you distinct types of decking made from a range of different materials. Our company encourages customers to select from their preferred decks. So, you can trust us to construct the perfect decking solution for your property in Castle Hill. Apart from constructing the right decks, we also help our customers by advising them on the best type of decking structure, the right material to use for decks, the best finish to select, etc. according to their budgets and preferences. Then we carefully listen to their wishes to come up with the best decking solution that would make them happy. Therefore, the decks that you will get from us will benefit your property for years while enhancing its value.

What Makes Us So Popular?

At DCR Carpentry & Construction, we can help you to get the right deck constructed in your outdoor area in a way that complements it. We ensure it will still look good for years. What makes us unique and popular with our customers in Castle Hill? 

  • Years of expertise: We have years of expertise in constructing decks. Therefore, the experts of our company can advise you on the right timber for your project while offering you complete support from the initial period of construction till its completion.

  • Best quality at a cost-effective rate: Our clients in Castle Hill know us for offering them the best quality decks within cost-effective rates. Here we have more expertise, more choice, more experience, more advice, and more services. All these things help us offer great value for money to our customers, irrespective of their project sizes.

  • Complete service: We specialise in providing a complete service. All you have to do is to decide the place where you want the decking and the material to be used. After that, we will take care of everything. And every job we do comes with a guarantee. And the experts of our company are always ready to offer you needful advice.


1. Is decking a good idea?

Going for a deck in the property is always a good idea. It would not only enhance the beauty of the ambience but also add value to the property. Apart from this, the businesses dealing with the decks in Castle Hill are ensuring that the buyers get a variation in the segment and hence, introduced a large number of decks that vary on the grounds of design, texture, and pattern.

Also, if you are one of those house owners who love to have a minimal and simplistic design yet an attractive one, then decking will be a good choice or idea to invest in.

2. Does a deck add value to your house in castle hill?

Definitely yes! A deck is always considered as a value addition to the house. According to an estimate, a house in Castle Hill would fetch a resale value that is 35%-45% of what it was evaluated without decks. This would include every investment being done in the decking.

Another essential thing that needs to be considered, is the design. The choice of the right design is always going to be a defining factor. Quality is yet another factor that would add to the value of the house in Castle Hill. Thus, when it comes to decking, everything should be flawless for the right valuation.

3. How do you maintain decking?

Maintenance of the deck is a challenging task. As an owner of a house that has one of the most beautiful decks, you need to follow certain things in order to ascertain that the deck you have installed remains intact years after years. Being the professionals at DCR Carpentry and Construction in Castle Hill, we suggest the following few essential things—

  • Decking surface should not have pots, chairs, or any other item that might impact the surface polish or lustre

  • For cleaning of the deck surface, a soft and quality duster should always be used

  • Use of the right cleanser is always going to help maintain the surface

  • Effort should be made to keep debris and other materials that can cause stain away from the surface.

4. Is a deck worth the investment?

Yes, going for a deck would be one of the most valuable investments one can do in his house. In fact, people are going for decking in order to add value to their property. Installing a deck in the house increases the surface area of the house. Decks are available in different forms in Castle Hill and irrespective of the types, it is an investment that is going to last long.

Being in the market for years, we have seen that houses having decks have higher evaluation price when it comes to selling. Thus, it is needed to invest in the right kinds of deck.


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