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Cost -Effective Bathroom Renovations in Randwick

Stunning, Quality Bathroom Renovations In Randwick

Your bathroom is as essential as any other room in your house. Therefore, do not ignore the renovation. With time it might get a weary look or something that can make your bathroom look old. It does not have to be complicated. All you need is  simple, thoughtful, and elegant bathroom renovations from the professionals.

Choose  Amazing Bathroom Renovations at the Best Price

There can be several elements that might need attention. What you want and need, together with ideas provided by professional designers can make your bathroom look extraordinary. We are DCR Carpentry & Construction, your one-stop centre for amazing bathrooms.

Because we have been in the industry for years, our first priority has always been to provide quality and flawless bathroom renovations. The following are some associated perks of renovating your bathroom with us for your Randwick project:

  • You get quality bathroom fittings

  • You have the design on your mind, share with us. We are always ready to provide you with customised bathroom renovations suiting your love and like for style and design.

  • Best price that meets your budget

  • Insured and licensed quality craftsmen providing a flawless, quality bathroom renovations

  • Dedicated team catering to the requirements of the clients

All-in-One Custom Bathroom Renovators in Randwick

Over the years, we have prioritised our clients’ choices. Therefore, we aim to deliver the best within a clients’ budget and needs. When you hire us to renovate your bathroom you can be confident that you will get top notch services. Our professionals are skilled at not only creating the bathroom according to your requirements but also to design it in the trendiest way possible. We provide suggestions to our clients regarding what is going to look best and why. With our priority being equal for all projects, we ensure on-time completion of all the activities related to bathroom renovations in Randwick.

We are your one-stop destination for a 360° bathroom renovation. Yes, hiring us means we are going to provide all the essential activities that will lead to the best bathroom you have ever imagined - perhaps much better than your dream bathroom. The following are some activities that are a part of our bathroom renovations:

  • Waterproofing, Drainage, and Plumbing

  • Carpentry and other Electrical Works

  • Wall and Floor Tiling

  • Painting Surfaces

  • Installation of new Bathroom Fixtures, Screens, Basins according to an agreed theme

  • Demolition and redesigning

Ask for a free quotation for bathroom renovations in Randwick. We are always there to assist you in the best possible way.

Why Choose DCR Carpentry & Construction?

Amidst so many service providers in Randwick, we strive to remain one of the top picks. The following are some of the best reasons why choosing us for your bathroom renovations in Randwick is a great decision: 

  • All-in-one services related to bathroom renovations

  • Insured and Licensed Professionals at Work

  • Custom Bathroom Renovation Services

  • Best Price for the Job by citing detailed Quotation

  • Wide Range of Design Options to Try out

  • Quality over Quantity and hence, the minimum number of projects at a time

Get in touch with us. Contact 0424 333 229 for more detailed information.


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