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Bathroom Renovations Specialist In Northern Beaches

DCR Carpentry & Construction – The Best Bathroom Renovations In Northern Beaches 

For bathroom renovations in the Northern Beaches, people can be confident that we at DCR Carpentry & Construction are leading specialists. The common problem with bathroom fixtures and design is that they deteriorate rather quickly. This happens faster than all the other rooms in a home. The biggest reason for this is the environment of a bathroom that is so dark, moist, and warm. In a brief span, people notice that stains have developed in their toilets and they start to look dull. Debris and mould gather on the grout and make it look dark.

There is perhaps no one in the world who wishes to use a bathroom that is so dull and dark that it looks like it has come out from a horror movie set. Therefore, when people see these problems in their bathrooms, the first thing they need to think of is  bathroom renovations.. We, at Northern Beaches, are experts in such work. We provide the best bathroom renovation and design work in the region. When people hire us, they can be sure that we would help them have a modern and clean bathroom in almost no time at all.

A few words on our bathroom renovation services

We are specialists in bathroom renovations in Northern Beaches work. This is the reason why we can offer the standard of design and overall work that people know us for in this industry. We know all the latest trends in such work. We know how to turn an old bathroom which looks dull, to a modern one, in almost no time at all.  

Space assessment

Our work on these bathroom renovations projects starts with space assessment. Before commencing any work, our highly skilled  designers will inspect the site at the client’s home.

They do so with great care before they design the new bathroom. This checking aids them to understand the location and space. This way, they also get an overall idea of the shape of the client’s bathroom.

We listen to our clients preferences

We pay a lot of attention to what the clients at Northern Beaches require and prefer for their bathroom. For example, it could be that they have elderly members in the family, and they want some special arrangements for them. We are always more than happy to accommodate such requirements and provide our clients with the best solutions for their needs.

A modern design

For modern bathroom renovations in the Northern Beaches, we like to be minimalistic and clean. This is what such style demands. We use subtle and neutral colours such as white, black, grey, and cream. This makes sure that our clients have a modern and bright bathroom that they have always wanted but never had before. We also use fittings such as shower screens with toughened glass and mirrors. This ensures that our clients have a sophisticated and chic bathroom in the truest sense of the words.

Renovating small bathrooms

We are specialists in renovating small bathrooms that are otherwise hard to renovate. This is because such bathrooms have little space, to begin with.  Our experience in this enables us to provide great solutions.


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