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Stylish Bathroom Renovations in Mona Vale

Renovate your Bathroom - Create A Modern Multifunctional Place

If you want to transform your weary looking bathroom, then you need to hire the best professionals to work for you. Experienced renovators in Mona Vale are always going to make your renovation project a worthy investment. We believe that bathroom renovations should be an integral part of every renovation initiative that you take and hence, in order to ensure that you get a complete renovation done, we have included the bathroom in our list.

Guaranteed Quality Work at Best Price

DCR Carpentry & Construction is one a well regarded and reliable name in the field of bathroom renovations in Mona Vale and other NSW regions. As we have been in the business over many years, we understand the importance of changes and that is why we help you to successfully and imaginatively transform your bathroom. Even a weary-looking dull bathroom can return to its full glory when a bit of attention is given to it. 

Transformation Done according to current Trends

Our professionals are always on the lookout for the best designs and finishes that can be used for bathroom renovations. We believe that complete bathroom renovations projects should include the following aspects- up-grades in terms of looks, increase in functionality, enhancement in the available space by covering, or repairing existing flaws.

We pay special attention to small bathrooms. We take into account  aspects of all the possible things that could improve the ambience by making a sense of space and light. Therefore, for all such challenging bathroom renovations in Mona Vale, we not only have specialised professionals at work but also include advanced tech tools to preview how your bathroom would look if a particular model is opted for.

Why Choose Us?

Amidst so many service providers, we have been one of the reliable companies for a long time. The following are some of the top reasons why we remain the top choice amongst the people in Mona Vale:

  • On-Time Completion of Project - No matter how challenging bathroom renovations are, our prime focus has always been to complete the project and handover within the agreed time. Therefore, for this, we assign an experienced professional who would do the precise assessment and convey to you the time that the renovators would take to transform the place.

  • Budgeted Work- We are for all and hence, ensure that our bathroom renovations remain one of the budget friendly ones. Without compromising on the quality of the work, we provide you with top-notch services and products for a flawless finish.

  • Varieties of Design and Themes to Try out- Whether you want to give your bathroom ambience a contemporary finish or a traditional look, we have with us all the solutions to suit your desires. We leave no stone unturned in any of our bathroom renovations projects.

  • Quotation Available - You can ask us for a free quotation regarding the estimated expense that is going to incur in the bathroom renovation. We provide you with a detailed quotation at the best price.

Get in Touch with us

We are always here to assist you in all types of bathroom renovations in Mona Vale. Call us on 0424 333 229 for more details. We can provide you with further details.


1. How can I make my bathroom look expensive?

There are some perfect tricks to make it happen.  Here you go -

  • Use white tiles as white increases the elegance, class and therefore makes your bathroom look expensive. 

  • Play with the colour scheme of your bathroom. For instance, you can add an edgy colour pop to the shelves or cabinet. Also, you can add coloured vintage-looking furniture to the bathroom for that expensive appearance.

  • Gold and metallic accents work the best for that expensive look. Ask the professionals of bathroom renovations in Mona Vale to bring in furniture and fixtures of the same accent. 

  • Use curtains instead of regular shower sliding doors. The curtains are inexpensive but good enough to make your bathroom look expensive.


2. How much does it cost to update a bathroom?


The cost will certainly vary depending on the preferences. The size of the bathroom, the inclusions you want during bathroom renovations, and most importantly, your budget play a crucial role in the final cost you have to bear. In the Mona Vale area, you can expect to spend a friendly budget for a complete renovation. Well, but you are to save money, you can narrow the cost down to an affordable amount for the remodelling. In that case, you may have to cut off all some luxurious inclusions. However, it is not recommended to include cheap products just to cut the cost because you may face a hard time later on repairing those. The choice is yours. 


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