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Best Bathroom Renovations in Maroubra

High Quality Budget Bathroom Renovations By Professionals In Maroubra

Home improvement has always been one of the top priorities of people for ages. There can be multiple reasons behind it. It can be done either to make the place more comfortable and accessible or to upgrade the look of it in the best possible means. People splurge a lot on home renovations, but most of the time, the bathroom remains neglected. So, if you have missed out bathroom renovations previously, don’t worry. Hire the best in the business to get things done for you. We are DCR Carpentry & Construction, a leading name you can trust when it comes to bathroom renovations in Maroubra and its surrounding regions.

Count on Us for 100% Flawless Bathroom Renovation

Being in the business for years, we have closely watched how the tastes of people have evolved when it comes to home renovations. They are taking into account each nook and corner of the house to give an unblemished look. Bathrooms, like kitchens, are an integral part of the renovation project. This is one of the reasons why our most house and renovation projects in Maroubra include kitchen and bathroom.

With the presence of so many service providers in the Maroubra market, we understand the level of competition. Hence, to prevent any customer complaints, we ensure each of our professionals provides a flawless job. Our vision has always been to provide friendly services to our clients without compromising on the quality and all at a very reasonable price - within the reach of every individual.

Hire us for a 360° Solution in Bathroom Renovations

Several aspects of a bathroom need to be addressed to ensure a complete renovation. With our years of experience, we take into account all the possibilities that would not only improve the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom but would also significantly increase the functionality of the bathroom. Hence, we strive to provide an efficient and budgeted 360° solution to all your bathroom renovations in Maroubra.

For us, no project is small or big. Therefore, taking this into account, we have made sure that we would do our best to bring in the aesthetic sense and functionality even in a small-sized bathroom. Our dedicated professionals leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing top-notch bathroom renovation solutions in Maroubra.

The following are the different facets of bathroom renovations that we provide:

  • Bathroom wall tiling

  • Works related to plumbing and electricity

  • Installation of bathroom accessories and fittings to increase space

  • Providing the layout of the bathroom that can fit into the missing clue

Get in Touch with Us for More Information

We are always here to assist our clients with the best works related to bathroom renovations in Maroubra. Call us for more information. We are always ready to provide you with an upfront quotation that will fit your requirements. Our prices are one of the most reasonable in the market of Maroubra. However, this does not mean we compromise with the quality of the work we carry out in your bathroom. Hire us now for the best services.


1. Why do we need to renovate the bathroom in Maroubra?


To determine the right time for bathroom remodelling, you should look for some signs. Firstly, if you are facing some kind of problems with your present bathroom fixtures, layout, or simply the way it looks, you should go for bathroom renovations by professionals of Maroubra. Besides, lack of enough storage space, absence of better functionality, and improving the energy efficiency of the bathroom are some other reasons. If you are planning to put your property on sale, you should certainly get the renovation done to add value to the price you are asking right now. Also, turning your bathroom into a safer space for children and seniors could be another reason. 


2. How often should a bathroom be renovated?


It depends on a lot of factors indeed. If you have renovated it more than 5 years ago, you should consider another renovation this year. If you find out the bathroom fixtures you have installed are giving you trouble time, you should consider bathroom renovations. The standard timeline for a bathroom remodelling should not be more than four to five years of interval. As per the renovators of Maroubra, bathroom remodelling does not only add value to the selling price of your home, but it also infuses freshness and positivity into your mind. So, whenever you are feeling the absence of it, you should go for the renovation.


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