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Budget Bathroom Renovations in Woollahra

Fully-fledged Transformation Of Your Woollahra Bathroom With Experts

We all know the importance of a bathroom and perhaps it is the only personal space in the house. People keep their bathroom neat and clean to maintain hygiene. But we believe that it is just a part of it. Bathroom renovations play a crucial role in ensuring that your private space not only looks clean but also matches the latest design and trends. What you would need to do is to hire the best professionals to get the work done. 

Hire DCR Carpentry & Construction for a Flawless Finish

We understand that every client looks out for a perfect bathroom and to have the perfect bathroom it is necessary to have the flawless finish. At DCR Carpentry & Construction you can be assured that you will get a perfect finish. We take into account all the possibilities that would contribute to make your bathroom the best place in the house. We give your bathroom an ambience of your choice in the most cost-effective manner.

DCR Carpentry & Construction is an NSW based kitchen and bathroom renovation company located in NSW. It has been in the industry for years and has catered to hundreds of residential and commercial bathroom renovations in Woollahra. The company has the reputation of ensuring work is completed in time without compromising the quality. It has in its team some of the best professionals working to ensure a 100% perfect bathroom.

Services we have provide

We are renovators that take into consideration the other factors that would make the renovation complete. Therefore, our team comprises well-trained and qualified experts like tilers, electricians, plumbers, planners, and decorators who address all the important elements and aspects. Thus, from the day of our inception, we have ensured that we remain as a one-stop destination for a complete bathroom renovation in Woollahra. You can be confident that we will provide a top notch bathroom with the best value for money.

Why Hire Us?

Being in the business for years, we have seen the level of competition. Therefore, to sustain the market competition and remain one of the choices for the clients, we have transformed several of our works in the most effective manner. Amidst so many companies catering to bathroom renovations in Woollahra, we try to be the best in each type of work. Hiring us would benefit you in the following ways--

  • Best price for the renovation project

  • A one-stop destination for 360° solution of the renovation

  • Experienced and industry-trained professionals at work

  • Excellent transformation of your bathroom only after your approval

  • Address any other issue also if present

One of the biggest advantages of hiring DCR Carpentry & Construction for bathroom renovations in Woollahra is that we proceed only after your approval. We believe in effective and smooth communication and hence, our dedicated professionals get things done only after your approval. So be assured of getting your dream bathroom at the best price.

Get in touch with us. We always provide the best services in terms of an overall bathroom renovation in Woollahra. Ask for a free quotation. We are happy to serve you.


1. Why should you renovate your bathroom?


Being in the industry for years, DCR Carpentry and Construction has seen people approaching us for carrying out bathroom renovations in Woollahra for the following reasons—

  • Add Space in case the bathroom is at an old structure. This includes complete renovation by making it large, installing accessories

  • Ensure that the appliances in use are energy efficient

  • Small bathrooms look cluttered at times, therefore, to ensure that the bathroom does not remain cluttered, people go for bathroom renovations

  • Bathroom renovation can be one of the effective ways of value addition as a result of it, the owner can ask for a considerably higher price


2. How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?


Yes, you definitely can make your small bathroom look luxurious only when you do the right kind of bathroom renovations. With plenty of design and accessory options available in the market of Woollahra, it is required to sort out the ones that would be needed the most. Also, replacing the existing few unnecessary items with the new ones. Some of the are—

  • Make area on the floors by using floated vanity accessories

  • Instead of walls all around, glass can be a great choice

  • Use the right kind of tiles, marbles, or the stones

  • Use of the right kind of light 

There are other ways as well. It is needed to consult the expert for proper guidance.


3. How can I save my bathroom renovation?


There are a few ways to do that.

  • Do not disrupt or change the plumbing only if nothing is broken or damaged.

  • Do not resize the bathroom during bathroom renovations. Also, do not change the layout. Use tiles and other inclusions to change the way your bathroom looks now.

  • Replace the previously installed bathroom accessories when it is necessary. Otherwise, focus on refinishing the old ones.

  • Choose to go with prefabricated shower and bathtub setup available in Woollahra market instead of having customised setup. 

  • Do not mess up with the electrical system of your bathroom as any disruption will cost you a few extra dollars. 


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